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What is Moissanite

Emerald Cut Moissanite Loose Stone to Sense Aesthetic Experience

As we gonna tell you about Moissanite stone, which is a gemstone, then first understand what is gemstone is all about. A Gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal and after applying many operations of cutting and polishing, it acquires its real form and which is called gem. Gems are widely used in jewelry products to provide them more aesthetic value. Most of us known diamond as the most shinest and durable stone, but now Emerald cut Moissanite loose stone are taking its place and often being called the gem of the future. Moissanite was first discovered from a meteor in Arizona in 1893 and first it was mistakenly recognized as diamond, but later these crystals were named as silicon carbide. Moissanite is actually the mineral form of silicon carbide and possesses great luster and shine than a diamond. Like diamond, it is also one of the hardest element exist on the earth.

Through the induction of Moissanite, gem lovers have seen a gem, which is similar to a diamond, but much cheaper than it. As, this gem is available in myriad sizes and shapes, it gives many choices to the customers. And most significantly, it properties, like – Heavily resistant to scratching and breaking, so always comes with a promise of durability with the sustained shine. Though, Moissanites are colorless, but still, it can emit or yellow reflection in the effect of certain lights. The reflection of color will be more, if the size is big.

Many Moissanites emerald wholesaler in India are dealing in these particular stones, but for the assurance of the purest quality always prefer the dealers which are being registered through Moissanite. Asia. Moissanite. Asia is the biggest dealer in the world for these stones and they are having the rarest of the rare quality of Moissanite emerald stones. The faceting pattern of these gems is different and the flashes of the rainbow they reflect are just amazing. When comes to durability factor, most of the gemstones have a parameter of Mohs scale of hardness. This parameter defines the resistance of a gem against scratching and Moissanite scores a 9.25, which is a very decent score for a gem. So it is another reason, which places this gem in front of diamond.

Indian people just love jewelry, as it has traditional significance. Tones of jewelry imported every year and the numbers are still counting for more. But it is an expense business to buy jewelry, so people are still looking for the cheap substitutes, which can reflect the same desired effect, and to fill this demand, Moissanite is the perfect choice. In India, one can buy these precious stones from the emerald wholesaler in India for the best prices. Emerald Moissanite stones have already made a prominent place in the Indian market and already established a strong customer base. Available in – Triangle, Heart shape, trillion, Oval, Round, Pear Shape, Octagon, Squares and more , these stones are providing many options than anything to the customers. So buy what you love the most and which suits you.

When Moissanite was first discovered, since then it has been a source of intense interest. Many jewelers/trade people are looking to buy Moissanite in bulk because the Moissanite price is so lucrative, you cannot resist buying it. You can buy moissanite online from Moissanite Asia and can avail best moissanite deals at best available prices. We are an authorized distributors of moissanite in India. If you have this same question – where to buy moissanite in India, then we’re one of the best moissanite dealers. You can buy moissanite diamonds, moissanite stone, loose moissanite, synthetic moissanite, moissanite bridal sets and moissanite jewelry from Moissanite Asia. Moissanites are nothing but lab grown diamonds or lab created diamonds. We have great offers and discounts on moissanite from the original makers Charles and Colvard, USA. If you are looking for wholesale moissanite, then we are your one shop destination. Our moissanite diamond rings are the best and original diamond alternatives. Visit our hot deals section and get best moissanite deals. You can also get all the wholesale moissanite information on this website. We offer wholesale prices for moissanite. Charles and colvard moissanite is the only moissanite manufacturer in the world and Moissanite Asia is a big name when it comes to moissanite wholesale suppliers.

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